I’m back!

22 04 2013

Wow… I realized I haven’t posted since last year… Wow.


Anyways, jumping right in. School’s been hectic. I had to make twelve cheesecakes. Twelve! At the end of all of it I memorized the recipe. Fun, right? Now I can’t eat cheesecake for another month or so. I get slightly queasy.

Maybe I can post some pictures from it later.


Oh, and Hunger Games! I promised I would update you guys if I had seen the movie and guess what! I did! I enjoyed it, though some missing plot holes made me angry. Madge, or lack thereof, for instance. But, I digress. The trailer for Catching Fire was released; I thought it looked interesting. A little bit more on the rebellion side, less with the Quarter Quell, but it still looked cool.


Oh, and the Hobbit! I finished the LOTR trilogy as well The Hobbit. I thoroughly enjoyed them; the writing was excellent! I haven’t seen the movie for The Hobbit yet, sadly. I have seen the LOTR movies, however. 


So, how are all of you doing? Have you seen The Hobbit yet? Thoughts?

Fondantly yours,



Thoughts On Pre-Made Cookie Dough

1 06 2012


  • Quick – doesn’t take half an hour to prepare, and another ten to make
  • Easy – it comes in a handy container! Sometimes it’s even pre-cut!
  • Yummy – produces good cookies

Generic Nestle cookies. Other brands come in similar tubes.



  • You can’t eat the dough – contains raw materials. You can eat the homemade dough with an egg substitute (flax).
  • Ultimately, it costs more – you can make more batches homemade with the same amount of money used to buy a few of those containers.
  • People can get sick from the dough!
  • Too tempting and easy – increases chance of cookie snacking
  • It doesn’t feel the same when you make them – no real sense of accomplishment

Real dough. Yum!



My Conclusion

Ultimately, in the end, real handmade cookie dough wins. You get a happy feeling when you eat them, knowing that you accomplished a baking feat. It decreases chances of snacking on this delicious treat, because it’s more labor intensive. HOWEVER, that does not mean that buying the pre-made stuff makes you a bad person. I would do the same, if I didn’t have the time to make cookies from scratch. So, in the end, they’re both good. But homemade is just a bit better 😉


Your Conclusion

Now that you’ve heard my position, which side are you on? Leave your thoughts in the comments bellow. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and arguments.

Fondantly Yours,


I finished it. I have read The Hunger Games.

3 05 2012

One day, after being bugged all day by one of my friends, I came home and said to my mom: “I need the Hunger Games.” She just shrugged it off with a small smile. Later that night I learned that she had ordered the Hunger Games for me, as a late Christmas present (long story). We waited a long week, and then lo and behold! It came.

This box set was the British version (it shipped from Ireland). The covers are different, so it confused me at first. but then I buckled down and read them. I read all three, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay, in the span of about three days. I devoured them like sweets. I guess you could say I was hungry to finish the Hunger Games. 😉

British cover. Oddly enough, the Mockingjay cover was red and orange and Catching Fire was blue…

I think my favorite book was Catching Fire. I’m not exactly sure why, and I won’t post any spoilers, but it was my favorite. Mockingjay was brutally realistic, especially at the end.

I have yet to see the movie, but when I do, I’ll post an update.

Fondantly Yours,


Some short poetry

17 03 2012

Music helps a TON with poetry. Well, at least for me. And so here are a few poems, along with the songs that inspired them. Enjoy!



Inspired by Paradise by Coldplay

Falling rain

A storm on the horizon

If you close your eyes

And let your mind wander

You can escape the rain

You can get to paradise

Rain may bring gloom

But only you can make yourself sad

Just let your mind wander

You can get to paradise



Inspired by Stop and Stare by Onerepublic


Confusion washes over you

Take a breath

Step back

And calm down














A rush of adrenaline

A beat of wings

Airborne again


This feeling, unlike any other,

Is pure euphoria

A drug

Fueling every wish

Every desire

So wonderful

So hard to resist





Is it enough?





Please please please do not steal these poems. I worked hard on them. However, you can repost them as long as you give credit. Got it?

Fondantly yours,



16 03 2012

I just LOVE brownies. Well, it usually depends on what kind. There are some that are just dry and yucky and not good at all. However, I’ve stumbled across a recipe that makes brownies that make my entire family happy (thank you, Food Network!).


Yesterday my family was complaining that I hadn’t baked anything in a long so I decided to make some brownies. Coffee brownies. I used espresso powder to add the coffee flavor. As they were baking they filled the house with a warm chocolatey smell. I’m sorry I don’t pictures of the process the finished product. 😦 Sorry!


What’s your favorite type of brownie? Texture? Next time I bake I’ll try to get pictures.

Fondantly yours,


What makes a good character?

21 12 2011

What exactly makes a good character? Similarities to us? Things we can relate to? Or is it that said character is what we want to be?


Well, we have to start by breaking down what kind of character we’re talking about. If it’s the hero, then of course it’s things we can relate to.


What makes us hate a character? I know that for me, it’s when the character is overly perfect. Or is overly humble, or average. I like well-rounded characters. For example, Max from Maximum Ride by James Patterson is a good fighter, goes weak for chocolate chip cookies, but isn’t always the smartest when it comes to school-type subjects.


I think that similar traits are what really draws us in. That, and a good plot. Well… We wouldn’t pick up a book if it didn’t have a good plot, now would we?


30 08 2011

Hello! I had the immense privilege of pre-reading Helen Landalf’s new book, Flyaway. Without further ado, my review!

Flyaway is about a 15-year-old girl named Stevie. The book starts with Stevie, all alone in her house. You come to learn that her mom works in a nightclub as a dancer, Stevie has been alone for three days, and they don’t have a lot of money. When Stevie’s Aunt Mindy comes in, she announces that Stevie is going to live with her. Pretty soon, Stevie’s world gets turned upside down. Soon Stevie is working at On The Wing, a place for injured birds. She has to get a tutor over the summer, and worst of all, her mom has disappeared. Aunt Mindy thinks that Stevie’s mom is a crystal meth addict, and wants to find out where she is, to throw her in rehab. Stevie gets pretty confused about what’s right and wrong, and has to go through a lot. I highly recommend this book.

I encourage readers to get the book when it comes on sale in December. However, you can pre-order it from Barnes and Noble here.